How To Create Intriguing and Successful WordPress Content

Writing content is easy. Making it interesting is quite challenging. Most target audiences are less likely to finish your article if it’s fluffy and unintriguing. They want content that makes them intrigued, interested, and fulfilled. No matter the type of content you write, it should be digestible, actionable, and valuable. 

That way, not only will you arouse your reader’s interest, but you’ll make him finish your whole article. This will mean success for you. With such, you may want to consider the following ways to make your WordPress blogs successful and intriguing:

Focus on Practical Topics 

When you say practical, it means your audience can use or apply your blogs in real life. Practical topics are more interesting because your readers can relate to them. If they’re unaware of how to apply or use the information from your blog, they’re more likely to finish your content. For instance, how to create a WordPress website without coding may be more interesting than how to code a WordPress website since WordPress has become a popular website builder because of its ease of use. However, if your readers are website developers and the like, they’re more likely to read the latter topic. The secret is to know and analyze your target audience.  

When you understand your target audience, you can create content that’ll pique their interests. Another example is to write tips on how to use words when selling like the ones you’d find on this website if your target readers are entrepreneurs or salesmen. But, if you’re targeting law enforcers, they’re less likely to relate to such topics. That’s why knowing your readers is the key to creating practical topics for them.

Focus on Practical Topics To Create Intriguing and Successful WordPress Content

Tell a Story 

Aside from using a practical topic, make it more intriguing by telling a story throughout your content. This is because stories activate the brain.  

With a story, your brain experiences the ideas being set in the story through your brain’s neural coupling. Not only that, but the brain also releases the happy chemical dopamine when your story is at its emotional high.  

You don’t have to make long stories though. Simple and short ones can add intrigue to your topic. Do so by highlighting a character (your reader), the goal, motivation, and conflict. For instance, your topic title should be “How I Started Earning USD$200,000 Per Year” instead of “How I Became A Copywriter.” 

The former title already contains your story’s elements, while the latter doesn’t connect with your readers. When the title has piqued their interest, they’re more likely to read more about it. 

Create High-Quality Content 

Most importantly, don’t just tell a story. It must be a high-quality story. If you write just for the sake of your WordPress website, you’re more likely to create fluffy blogs.  

But, with enough research, you can write high-quality content that’ll engage your readers. You can use this information to back up your claims. Of course, your references should also be from high-quality resources.  

When you have high-quality content, you can achieve your goals, such as getting social shares, leads, ranking on search engines, and online presence.

Create Intriguing and High-Quality Content


Although you can’t make everybody like your blogs, you can make them interesting to your target readers. Do so by making use of practical topics which they can relate to. It’ll be even more interesting if you make a story out of your content. Lastly, don’t forget to back up your articles with research. With these tips, you can surely write successful content. Try them out and see where they’ll lead you.