NOISE Is Back – Version 2.0 With Big Performance Improvement

Finally after 11 days of hard working, we’re glad to announce that we’ve just get NOISE back on ThemeForest. NOISE – a music WordPress theme now available for purchasing now!

Just a note: we’re not simply back. We bring you a big improvement on performance on mobile and tablet devices (also desktops as well, but not significantly as in mobiles). Let’s see what we’ve done!

Problem: performance and responsiveness on mobiles are important!

That’s what we get feedback from ThemeForest. A lot of animations and effects on the website makes the site loads and runs slowly on mobiles. Though we tested on our iPhones 4, Samsung Galaxy S2, we couldn’t cover all mobile devices, especially ones which have limited CPU and memory.

People using various mobile devices could see the same issue, at that time we didn’t realize that affected so many users. But ThemeForest did!

So we worked hard to fix it!

NOISE runs fast on mobiles now
NOISE runs fast on mobiles now

What did we optimize in NOISE?

There are a lot of changes in this version 2.0, here are some highlights:

  • Better menu for mobiles: we now use simple select dropdown, removed fancy effect for it
  • Removed smooth scrolling for mobiles (as they all have accelerated scrolling effect)
  • Remove parallax effect for mobiles, some Android devices doesn’t handling parallax background well
  • No parallax for Google maps
  • No dragging for Google maps on mobiles (it prevents you from scrolling)

WordPress music theme We also removed and optimized a lot of Javascript like sticky menu, parallax, easing, dragging (slide to unlock effect), carousel plugin, etc.

We also used some advanced techniques of Javascript to make it run faster, both on desktop and mobiles. We also thought carefully what need to keep and what need to remove in both mobiles and desktops.

Now we can say that the performance of NOISE is increased about 3-4 times on mobiles and about twice on desktops. We hope this improvement can help our buyers have a really really beautiful and fast music website!

Check out the demo to see the difference!

So, if you’re a buyer, please download latest version of NOISE on ThemeForest in your profile. If you’re not, why don’t you buy it?

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