Noise 2.2 Update – Color scheme, and more settings for tracks

This isn’t big update for theme, but with features are added in this version can help you fell more comfortable when using NOISE – music and band WordPress theme.

UNLIMITED Color scheme feature

Noise- Color Scheme

In previous versions, it’s hard for you to change color for theme. But with this feature you do it easier. With 7 colors predefined (black, red, blue, orange, violet, blue sky deep and sapphire) will help you colour for your site, and if you want other colors, you can do it easy with “Custom Color Scheme“.

To know more about color schemes, please look at NOISE’s documentation.



Sticky player


In this version, when you click player icon instead of scrolling back to top, player will appear beside player icon. That might help you listen the songs everywhere while look at other information.




Option to show/hide download button and  set cookie time for track voting

Noise- download and timeout options

Following recommendation from customers, in this version we added options for hide button download in expended player and range time user can vote for an artist. To know more about there features you can look at in NOISE’s documentation.

Bugs fixed

After NOISE version 2.1 released, some people meet few problems with WordPress 3.9… We had worked hard and fixed all bug to release this version – NOISE 2.2. Once again, thank our customers who help us to make NOISE be one of the best WordPress theme for music and bands, day by day. And keep in mind, we are alway open to help.

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