Setting the static front page

By default, WordPress shows your most recent posts on the front page (homepage) of your site. But many premium WordPress themes show different content on the front page, which might include a slider, features, testimonials, contact info, etc. Here at FitWP, we often use the front page that way. This guide will show you how to set the static front page for most of our themes.

In order to create a static front page, you need to create two pages, one for your front page and one for your blog page. Go to Pages → Add New and create a page titled Front Page and a page titled Blog. You can also name these pages anything you like, but for the sake of website organization, we recommend using the name Front Page and Blog.

For the front page, after you have given your page a title, select Homepage from the list of available Templates on the right as the following screenshot:

Setup page template for homepage

Most of our front page has a page template, which allows us to pull the required content and style them in a good way. We normally name the template Homepage but it might slightly different across themes.

After creating a page and applying the homepage template, you should set it as the static front page by going to Settings → Reading and select A static page (select below) for Front page displays, and then select the page from the dropdown for Front page as follows:

select pages

That’s all. Now visit your website and you will see the content of the front page appears instead of most recent posts.