7 tips to improve WordPress blog

7 Tips to Help Improve Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to host blogs and websites. It is excellent both for huge businesses and small startups. There are plenty of functions that help creators attract an audience and make the best of the blog.

Before getting into the specifics and tips regarding WordPress, we need to highlight the most critical issue. Remember these two words – content matters! It is the very aspect that will bring the audience to the blog. In order to make your readers stay, there must be a continuous flow of high-quality materials.

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7 Things Everyone Must Do After A Fresh WordPress Installation

If there’s one content management software (CMS) in the world which has revolutionized internet the most, it’s WordPress. With this simple and easy to setup CMS you can quickly create the site of any kind. No wonder why it’s the most popular choice for websites around the globe. If you too have just installed WordPress to setup your site, you’re in a good direction. Now it’s time to perform some crucial things that should be done right after a fresh WordPress install, and here we’re going to look on them. Let’s get started!

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10 Tricks To Improve your Business Website’s Performance

It is true that high performing websites boost visitor engagement, increase conversion and retention. But the biggest question is how to speed up site precisely?

There are numerous ways available over the internet that promise to enhance the website’s performance, but most of them work for short-term only.

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Constructent Update 1.1.2

We’re happy to announce that the new version of Constructent (1.1.2) is released today. We got some messages from our customers saying that the custom color scheme doesn’t work in the previous version. So we fixed it. This version has also the latest version of Revolution Slider. Please update the theme or enable automatic update.

We are also happy to announce that the theme was featured among the best construction WordPress Themes on PremiumCoding.

Automatic update for WordPress themes is available!

Yeah, we made it, finally. After a long time of development, now all themes can be automatically updated inside WordPress dashboard without re-downloading, re-uploading files to your host.

The automatic update is now available for all of our WordPress themes. Please re-download the themes from ThemeForest and re-upload them again to your host. Yes, you have to do this once and since now you won’t have to do that again.

To get automatic updates, just go to Appearance → Theme Update and enter your purchase code. Whenever a new version is available, you will see a notification in the dashboard and you can update then.

The automatic updates also help you to get the latest fixes from us as soon as possible.

We hope you like it!