Noise update 3.4.0

Today, we’re happy to release the new update 3.4.0 for the Noise WordPress theme. This version has several improvements for better website speed and small fixes for CSS. With this update, we hope to deliver the best WordPress music theme to our customers.

Improvements for a faster website

We have updated several JavaScript libraries and removed the obsoleted ones to make fewer requests when the website is loaded (approximately 50%!). The most important script is the preloading JavaScript, which now doesn’t load “hidden” images anymore.┬áIn our calculation, it reduces more than 100 requests on the demo and decreases the loading time by ~ 10s.

We also remove the JavaScript for smooth scrolling. All the latest modern browsers (including Microsoft Edge) already support this feature and having another JS file is just redundant.

We also remove a lot of .min.js file from debugging mode. Now the theme is smaller and much faster.

Fixes for CSS

We have fixed the CSS for Theme Options and a small CSS issue when clicking on the caption of the top slider. Previously, it scrolls to the News section, but the section title is hidden partly by the menu and player. But everything is fixed now.

We hope this improvement will make you love the theme more and we’re open to any suggestion for the theme. Please leave them in the comments.

If you haven’t known about this theme before, it’s one of the best WordPress music themes that has everything setup for your music website. You can view more info and download the theme here.