6 Essentials That Every WordPress Blog Needs

WordPress has tons of great features that allow you to create nearly any kind of website with it. No wonder it is one of the most popular content management systems out today. For instance, customizing it is a piece of cake, plus you can have access to various elegant designs that you can use to make your blog unique. I loved the quality of WordPress’ code.

At the same time, I have learned various things about blogging along the way. For starters, ensuring that your blog is authentic and valuable should always be among your top priorities. People need enough reasons to read your blog posts and keep coming back for more. And its aesthetics aren’t everything. Your content needs to be beautiful. But other essentials help a ton.

I bet if you are a beginner, you might be a little confused, wondering where to start and how to do things perfectly. Well, let me help you out. Here are the top things that your WordPress blog must-have if you want it to succeed sooner than you ever expected.

A Great WordPress Blog Theme

A Great WordPress Blog Theme

Selecting a cool WordPress theme might be a bit overwhelming, but it is essential. Luckily, there are many themes to pick from, both free and paid. I would advise you to be careful when making your choice because it will affect the quality of your blog greatly.

What factors should you consider? When I was creating my site, I chose simplicity over sophistication, even though there was nothing wrong with the latter. All I desired was an excellent theme to help me achieve my goals without a lot of complications.

While that served me well for starters, later on, I discovered that there are so many other things to consider – responsive design, so the site looks great on all screens, it’s size, making sure it has fast load times and more. Be sure to do your research and read up on reviews when looking for the perfect theme.

A Logo is What Your WordPress Blog Needs

A logo is one of the most critical aspects of your blog, and I would recommend that you add a creative one. It allows you to personalize your site and brand it more effectively.

When your clients view your website’s logo, they know how much value you attach to your business, depending on its quality. They can also understand your vision and the goals of your business. Creating a logo might seem tricky at first, especially if you are a beginner. While you can hire a designer to make the logo for you, you can also use a quality logo maker.

I encourage people to consider Zyro’s Logo Maker because it captures the purpose of your company perfectly. This logo maker helps you save money since it is free, and you will not require the help of any professional designer. There are thousands of amazing templates that you can customize to fit your individual needs and achieve your website’s goals. On top of that, it is fast, effortless to use, and comes with a branding kit to help you grow your business brand. Want to know more about this incredible logo maker? Press here to learn about it. 

Make an impressive WordPress logo

Social Sharing Buttons is Essential 

Social Sharing Buttons

I cannot stress the importance of social sharing buttons enough. Within them, your clients can comfortably share your blog posts through their social media accounts. It enhances your brand exposure and even earns you more customers.

Even so, note that a lot of social sharing buttons can blow up in your face. Some people may perceive you as desperate, and it is not the best thing for your brand. It can also make your blog seem a little too complicated for first-time visitors.

How about going for only the social sharing buttons that can make your blog more marketable? Not every social media platform is best for your target demographic. I once managed a WordPress blog for a B2B company, and I understood that having a network like Reddit as one of my social sharing buttons was not going to help me a lot.

About Page to Introduce Your Blog

I can promise you that your blog will not do as well without an “About” page. People are curious to know who you are, how you started out, and what your mission is. It is why all companies ensure that their websites have this page. Of course, yours does not have to look like anybody else’s; originality is key here. Your company’s story is not that of another organization, even if you are selling the same products.

When creating your about page, be as genuine as possible so that your customers can easily relate to you. Ensure that the page is brief, and it elaborates on your dreams and inspirations. There is no harm in including testimonials from people you have served previously. Other things that you can consolidate on the page are short descriptions of your products, and a call-to-action requesting them to subscribe to the site. Use a friendly, yet professional language as well as tone when writing this page.

About - Introduce Your Blog

Start Here to Guide New Visitor to Your Blog

This is a new trend for WordPress blogs. A “start here” page guides new visitors and helps them navigate your site. It should take your clients to your best products or blog posts that you’re known for, or think are essential for getting to know the content of your site. This can also assist them in accessing all the interesting and essential pages of your site. Linking this page to your “About” or front page is an excellent idea because visitors are more likely to notice it there.

Start Here - Guide New Visitor to Your Blog

Contact Features of Your Blog

Contact is essential for your blog because it provides a way for your clients or potential ones to get in touch with you when necessary. With it, your audience can share their opinions about the type of services you offer.

There are a couple of venues you can use to stay in touch with your visitors. For starters, you can engage with them in the comment section of your posts, add a contact form plugin so people can come to you directly, or even employ a live chat plugin for real-time communication.

Contact Features of Blog

Final Thoughts

Make enhancing the quality of your WordPress blog your No.1 objective. The site offers a pathway to business breakthroughs you have been waiting for. You can improve your blog by ensuring that it has all the essentials to make your content more accessible and connect you with your audience. These include logos, social sharing buttons, contact forms, and “About” pages, and more. I hope this article sets you on the right track. Good luck with improving your blog.