Whisper 2.0 Released – Unlimited Color Schemes, Customizer,…

We’re glad to annouce that the next major 2.0 version of Whisper – a responsive, clean corporation WordPress theme has been released! This version contains big improvements to give you better experience using the theme, add more functionality and some bug fixes!

Let’s go through some big changes in Whisper 2.0:

Unlimited colour schemes

Unlimited Colour SchemesThis is most wanted feature! It was asked right in the first day we released Whisper. At that time, Whisper has only 4 predefined colour schemes: orange (default), red, green and blue. That’s not enough for all customers! People asked about how to change some colours in the theme, or even making a different colour scheme! And we understand that demand is really relevant and important, and after 1 month developing, we’ve just finish it!

Now if you go to our Theme Options, under Design \ Colour Scheme you are now able to pick 3 main  colours used to create a colour scheme, and just save! Everything is changed automatically by Whisper. You can preview the change and select other colours anytime you want!


 Customizer – Live Theme Preview

Customizer - Live PreviewCustomizer is a WordPress feature that helps you to preview all changes in theme (like changing background, text colour, font, etc.) in real time! You don’t have to go to Theme Options page, change a parameter, then go to the frontend, preview the change, and if you don’t like you have to go back to Theme Options page and start over again! This process is wasting your time!

The Customizer is born to solve this problem. You can just change any parameter and preview the change right in same window now! When you’re satisfied with all change, just click Save. All these things were included Whisper 2.0!


Sticky Header

Sticky HeaderSticky header is a design trend in 2014. People like it, and we just include it in Whisper 2.0. This feature allows your website header (logo and main navigation) is always visible when scrolling down the website!

In Whisper, we made sticky header works in both wide and boxed layout. We also make the logo and height of header change automatically (smaller with animation) when scrolling down the website, for better look. To enable this feature, just enable it in Theme Options, that’s all. Very simple and easy!



Other Improvements and Fixes

In version 2.0, we try to remove unnecessary images to improve website performance! Those images include images in footer, contact page and shortcodes. We’ll keep doing this in the future to make the website which uses Whisper run fast!

We also optimised CSS a lot! Sizes of CSS files are reduced and the structure is significantly improved. That will also make your website runs faster and help us in maintenance the theme easier.

In Whisper 2.0, you’ll see a new page template Contact Without Map, this is done by a customer request: he doesn’t want to show Google Maps in contact page, maybe it’s too small?

There’re some small fixes for Whisper 2.0 such as CSS bug for divider shortcode and in IE8 in portfolio page. These are not many as Whisper is quite stable and in version 2.0, we mostly focus on adding new features!

That is all for new version 2.0 of Whisper – our first responsive corporation WordPress theme! We hope our constant updates will make our customers happy. If you need anything from us, we’re always open for any feedback!

Thanks for using Whisper!

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