Whisper 2.0.1 Update – Easier To Use

This is not a big update for Whisper, but in this version, we have improved some things, added options to make Whisper easier to use. Let’s see what’s new in Whisper 2.0.1:

Portfolio archive and Portfolio category pages

whisper 2.0.1 portfolio archive

Although we have 2 page templates for portfolio in Whisper (normal 3 columns and hexagon 3 columns), and that’s enough to display all portfolio items on your website, but in some rarely cases, people want to separate portfolios into categories and display them as separated pages. This is one request we received from a buyer and we completed it in this version.

From now when you view portfolio archive or portfolio category pages, you’ll see normal 3 columns page by default.

Category option for recent posts shortcode

Recent Posts ShortcodePreviously in Whisper, the [[posts]] shortcode always took latest posts from your blog and display it. In this version, we added 1 more option "category" to allow it to pull posts from a specific category only. That might help you if you want to display on your homepage only latest news from “Company News” category, for example.

To know how to use the shortcode, please take a look at documentations (bundled with theme when you download).



Small improvements in Whisper 2.0.1 for better user experience

Customizer was added in Whisper 2.0, but we think not many people know about it. So we made a “Big Button” in the top of our Theme Options to show use a link to Customizer page (number 1 in the image below – extracted from our documentation).

customizer wordpress theme
Using customizer now easy in Whisper

So, if you forget or you don’t know about Customizer, here is the shortest way to reach it!

In this version, we also improved responsiveness for header in tablets and fix form shortcode for contact page not saving.

That’s all for version 2.0.1! We hope these improvements will make you easier to use Whisper – our corporation WordPress theme. Please take a look at our guide on how to update WordPress theme.

If you haven’t used Whisper, why don’t you use it now? FYI, Whisper is one of the best responsive WordPress corporation themes!

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