Noise 2.2.1 – Now has Video Background and Image Slider

Following the requests and recommendation from customers, we released new version for NOISE – music and band WordPress theme that include more options for setting background with more kind of setting as: video, slider or text. In addition we also include option customize text on Like & Follow section in this version.

Image Slider and Video Background for Top Slider

Noise-background top slider

This is a great improvement for NOISE, now beside option set image as background with texts above, you have other selections to set for background as: image slider or video background. With that options you can make your theme more flexible and more attractive with viewer whenever they visit your site. To know more about this option and how to setup, please look at Noise’s documentation.



Options to set background for Special Event

Similar to Top Slider, we also add more options for you to select an video as background in Special Event section. All the instruction and how to do that is well written in the Noise’s documentation.





Customize text on section Like & Follow

Noise - change text on section Like & FollowThis is an option help you change text on section Like & Follow (“Like this on Facebook” and “Follow us on Twitter”). With this option you can change them to any text you like without touching code, or editing PHP files. This is much more easier for you to customize NOISE to fit your needs.





Bugs fixed

Noise - fixed bugsIn this version – NOISE 2.2.1, we had worked hard and fixed the problem related to play icon (now appear on all page), submenu issue when on right side of screen. Once again, thank our customers who help us to make NOISE be one of the best WordPress theme for music and bands, day by day. And keep in mind, we are alway open to help.





These are all things you will have with new version Noise 2.2.1. I hope you will have happy time with NOISE – music and band WordPress theme. If you meet any problem, you can make a comment on this post or through Noise’s support forum.

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