NOISE 1.1 Released – Featured Tracks, Custom Content and More

We’re glad to announce that version 1.1 of NOISE – a responsive music and band WordPress theme – has been released. This version added a new Featured Tracks widget, a new section Custom Content, improved user experience and added a fix for menu when viewing on mobiles.

All of these features were requested by our valued customers! We saw that these are relevant requests and have been trying our best to complete them fast to release this version.

Let’s go into some highlights in this version

Featured Tracks Widget

Featured Track Widget
Featured Track Widget


In previous version, the Blog part of NOISE doesn’t have any relation with the “music” part, ie it’s only a normal blog where you (a band or a singer) update your activities, write some posts, etc. But now with this featured tracks widget, you can display latest tracks or highest rated tracks on your blog. That will give your a blog a kind of connection between “notes” and “music” and your fans can still enjoy your songs while reading your blog.

To add this widget to your blog, please go to Appearance \ Widgets.

This is our first step of making widgets for NOISE. In the future, we’ll create more useful widgets like Artists, list of upcoming events, etc. So your readers always see most important information.

Custom Content Section

Some artists or bands want to display a greeting message to their visitors or just some “About” lines to tell them who they are and what they’re doing, etc. This raises a demand on putting custom content on your homepage. We made this a section (like other sections) so you can drag and drop it to put it anywhere in the homepage.

To start using this section, please go to Appearance \ Theme Options \ Sections, and choose Custom Content (at the end of the section list). Enter content and just save! That’s all.

Other Improvements

Vote for track in expanded player

Now when you open the track info by clicking on the down arrow in the player, you can vote for that track by clicking on heart icons on the right (previously it showed total ratings, but didn’t allow you to vote)

Vote for track in NOISE
Vote for track in NOISE

Upload logo in footer

This new feature in NOISE allows you to upload a custom logo and display it in the footer. Using logo can help you make the footer more beautiful than only copyright text.

Please go to Appearance \ Theme Options \ Footer and click upload button (the green one) to upload or select logo for footer.

Other improvements including:

  • Disabled dragging in Google Maps in Connect section for mobiles. It’ll be very hard to scroll pages if map is draggable.
  • Added option for number of popular tracks
  • Fixed responsive issue for menu on mobiles.

We hope this version will help you feel better using NOISE. Start downloading NOISE now and enjoy. Thanks!


    • Hi, NOISE is temporarily disabled for some improvements (required by ThemeForest). We’ll make it available within some days. Please be patient! Thanks!

    • Hi, NOISE is now available on ThemeForest. Please buy it! Thank you!

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